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Subterranean termites can be a troubling and destructive pest to have in your home. One of the biggest problems with termites (besides the damage they cause) is that they are often times not seen. The evidence of termite activity on your home may be out of sight completely. A good plan to solving your termite concerns begins with a thorough inspection of your property. Only once you’re informed of your personal situation can you make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Titan Pest Control offers all you will need to answer your questions and solve any termite problems you may have. From inspection to treatment to warranty, our experienced team will provide you with all the service and peace of mind you’re looking for.

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Titan Termite Protection Program

You have heard it said before that it is not if you get termites, but when. An inspection performed on your home can make you aware of current activity and potential problem areas. An inspection, however, does not protect you from future infestations or the cost of correcting such issues.

Titan Pest Control offers our customers a chance to protect their home from termites prior to having an infestation. By preventatively treating your home, we are able to offer you a warranty that will protect you from any and all further termite treatment costs for as long as you own your home. In addition, Titan Pest Control will provide free annual inspections at your convenience. The cost of performing a preventative treatment on your home is substantially less than correcting a problem once it arises.

Termidor™ Treatments

Termidor™ is an outstanding method for controlling termite infestations. By eliminating the entire colony, Termidor™offers a more permanent solution to your termite problem. The application is non-repellant, so the termites aren’t aware of the presence of chemical. Termidor™ is uniquely designed to transfer from one termite to another. This process allows the entire colony to become infected, not just the workers. The key however is time. Termidor™ is a slow acting chemical, allowing termites time to transfer the active ingredient. Also, because of the time allowed, termites never become aware of what is actually killing them.

The combination of non-repellency, transferability and time make Termidor™ the most effective treatment option available today. Colony elimination is the best way to address termite issues. The most effective chemical treatment to achieve colony elimination is Termidor™.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

In the state of Texas, it is always a good idea and sometimes necessary to have an Official Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (WDI) performed on a home being purchased. Termite treatments can be very expensive and commonly needed throughout the year. A W.D.I. is designed to protect all parties involved by identifying potential issues and recommending treatments or corrections prior to closing.

Titan Pest Control offers you a vast amount of experience specifically involving this type of inspection. With over a decade of experience and many thousands of inspections performed in the DWF area, you can feel confident that your inspection comes with the highest quality available. All inspections are performed by a certified applicator, the highest level of licensing possible. As an added convenience, your inspection report will be prepared and provided to you at the time of service.

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