Pest Control

Pesticide Treatment Spiders! Roaches! Ants! Oh my!

Creepy crawlers in Texas are nothing new. Every homeowner is forced to deal with occasional invaders from time to time. What have changed are the methods used to control these infestations. Gone are the days of spraying massive amounts of chemicals and killing everything in sight. The industry has become more of a science today and effective control can be obtained with much less impact on your home and family. Titan Pest Control uses effective pinpoint treatments in a responsible manner to control your pest problems. We also offer the best guarantee in the business.

Titan Termite & Pest Control


At Titan Pest Control, our customer’s health and concerns are our very top priority. It is not enough to control pests if in the process you do not feel comfortable with the manner in which it is done. Titan Pest Control invests a considerable amount to insure that our technicians receive the highest amounts of training and experience possible. We believe that pesticides are only a tool to help control pest populations. Pesticides should never be the only answer. Sometimes suggesting a simple environmental change around your home can do so much more for controlling pests than any chemical could. Our technicians will exhaust all avenues of pest control providing you with a comprehensive solution to your pest control needs, not just temporary relief.

Treated Areas

Texas bugs have a knack of sneaking in to a home in the most creative ways. Treating your home begins with a thorough inspection. Identifying entry points, harborage areas, conducive conditions and correcting them is a crucial part of your pest control service. These practices along with pinpoint pesticide applications in infested areas are an effective and responsible formula for controlling Texas insects.

Our service warranty covers your entire home, regardless of weather chemical applications are needed in a particular area. From attic to foundation, you can feel comfortable that wherever you see a problem, we cover it. Our service is not based on pesticide use. We subscribe to the belief that our job is to provide you with peace of mind, not just spray chemicals.

Titan Termite & Pest Control
Titan Termite & Pest Control

Our Guarantee

A service is only as good as the guarantee it offers, and Titan Pest Control has the best in the business. Should you have a problem anywhere in or around your home with pests you hired us to control, a return visit and treatment if necessary will be provided at no additional cost to you. For as long as you remain a customer, you can count on Titan Pest Control to be there for you when you need us. No hidden fees. No hassles. No small print. We will solve your problem, or we will come back. This commitment to excellence has inspired confidence in our customers for years. We look forward to serving your pest control needs for years to come.